Why the fuck are there still people who are living with their parents at the age of 25 or 30?

Think. Think about it with an open mind.

Our parents think that they "have to" take care of kids till they get married. They make the kids live with them for 25 years, providing them everything, taking care of all their chores and of course scolding them about not knowing responsibility every day of their lives. Because telling your 25-year-old Kids to "Move the fuck out" is not in our culture, so they keep doing what they do until one day they decide that the kids will never learn and "hope" that they will learn if they get married. So they choose somebody to this 25-year-old kid and gets him/ her married.

The kid develops just the way he is trained. He depends on his wife to take care of him. He wants his food cooked, clothes washed, lunch box ready because he has seen his mother do the same for years. And this practice has been around for thousands of years. So, He continues to be the same and he raises his kids to be the same as himself thus creating more worthless people who don't know how to take care of themselves.

And we continue to be the same irresponsible society we have been for many years. At first, we depend on our Parents, then the wife, and then the kids. When is this dependency going to see an end? When would people start taking responsibility for their own lives? We have been independent for over 60 years but our lives are still so dependent on each other because of this lack of responsibility which is making us unable to explore further and reach our full potential.

It's time we change that and take responsibility for our own lives. It's time we become a generation that moves out of the fucking house and learns to do shit by ourselves. It is now time to raise a generation that feels responsible for themselves and for the nation.

Let's talk about why it is so important.

Responsibility teaches you to take care of yourself

Being responsible for ourselves is the last thing we do. We were always told to sacrifice, to live for others, to take care of others etc. This made us far from ourselves and we never understood people. Gradually we stopped understanding people and started to adjust. This led us down the path where lack of communication became a norm. Parents never tried to understand children and children, their parents. Husbands never tried to understand the wives and it continued for generations.

We never took the responsibility of knowing ourselves which led us to a poor understanding of the world. How can we know somebody if we don't know ourselves? How can we appreciate somebody if we don't know what is appreciable? How can we take care of somebody if we don't know how to take care of ourselves? And there are many ways to do that.

Move out. Learn to take care of yourself.

Yeah, it teaches you a lot of things. You'll know how to be in a house, how to maintain it, how to cook food, how to wash clothes, how to manage finances and every single thing you need to learn about life. It allows you to assess what's important and what's not, in life.

It shows you how hard the household chores are and increases your respect for your parents. It lets you care for your wife because you know how hard it is. It increases discipline in your life and teaches you how important it is to care for yourself, your wife and the house you are living in. It teaches you how to be responsible for yourself.

Know yourself.

Get a job. Any job. Learn how to deal with money, how to manage it. Know about yourself. What drinks you enjoy, what meals you like, what type of hotels do you fancy. Check out restaurants, fast food joints if you are a foodie. Go for a trek once in a while if you are adventurous. Go to a new city or a village if you like traveling. Sit down all weekend watching a Movie/ Series. Read a book. Learn new ways to amuse yourself. Build up to a level where you are comfortable with yourself, with life.

In the process, you will know yourself and the people around you. You will know what's right and what's wrong. You will know what to stand up for and what to stand up against, what to protect and what to condemn, what to judge and what not to. And that is important.

Be Self Aware.

Being self-aware makes you responsible. It makes you mindful of your surroundings. It makes you take care of things. It helps you to be a human being.

We see people all the time, spitting on the roads, crossing lanes without a sign, jumping signals, throwing shit everywhere and tons of stuff like that. It is almost like they are asleep and the physical activity is just "in the way". So they don't care about their surroundings, their street, their village, their city or their fucking nation. They just are there, living like animals.

If you are aware that the road you spit on, is a product of your tax money you won't spit on it. If you know jumping signals might kill you, you wouldn't do that. If you are attentive enough to know that the person next to you is as much important as you, you wouldn't act irresponsibly.

And this paves the way for a better people, a better society, a better city and a better nation. Think about it.

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