About the parents we had and the parents we are gonna be.

Remember the time when you wanted to do a lot of things in life and your parents stopped you because of various silly reasons? That time you wanted to be a physics major and your parents said it's hard and you took up engineering. That time you wanted to study history and your parents thought you went mad and made you take MBA? That time you wanted to be a singer and your parents said it's not for everybody? Okay. They were probably right in the last case for most people.

But now that you think about it, you might probably agree with them because you are in a good place now.

Congratulations. You have become a part of that fruitless society and fucked up cultural conditioning where you think living safely is better than chasing your dreams. You've stopped thinking that you can do anything and started agreeing with the absurd reasoning that it's not for everybody. And you will probably want to raise your child to be the same guy your parents made you because that seems to make a lot of sense now.

Please don't. All you are doing is building a mediocre generation that is going to be less fruitful than we are. Going at the way where your parents pointed you, is the waste of the person you are. Depending on your parent's intellectual prowess and leading your life in that way is not the right way to live. It is a waste of energy you are. You are not a robot and your son is not going to be one. So, take a good hard look at yourself and think if you want to make your son just as you are.

If the answer is no, then let's discuss. Let's look at it in a logical way.

Dignity of labour never existed among us

We were classified by our work for centuries. Some works were considered lower than others since the dawn of time and we never really grew out of that. We still think the same way and we ridicule or judge people who are doing something new. This has been our culture for a long time and it'll continue to be so if you pass it on to your kid.

The discrimination by work was so strong that each generation grew pride in their profession to the extent that they never let their children think of any other profession. They passed it on to their next generation and so professions remained in the family so much that they got the family names got recognition out of the profession. Now we are continuing to be like that but with different professions.

All we want to do, is live

We have been under slavery for 400 years and now all we want is to live our life cautiously and safe from danger. We started living our own lives doing some sort of job and making kids. All our parents ever wanted was to have a job and settle down because they didn't have that before. This attitude which makes survival is the only goal is a war attitude and we aren't at war anymore.

This attitude creates an urgency in your life and makes you somebody you are not. This attitude restricts you from being the person you wanted to be and keeps you from realizing your true potential. And that has harmed the society enough. We raised to be a nation of mediocrity, far from our true potential.

We now have bankers who wanted to be lawyers and doctors who wanted to be something else. All we have now is a nation which just wants to survive and do nothing else. And our parents enabled it. Our parents are the ones who created it. Our parents are the ones who want us to stay in it. Do you, in your right mind make your kid the same way your parents made you?

The point is...

We grew habituated to the concept of following others whether we knew about the thing or not because all we want to do is live. Our parents were no different, which made this generation, us, the victims. Some of us realized that it's bad and chose their own way. But a majority of us are still following the same route and are getting nowhere in life. Since a majority of us lay in that line, we think that they are right and we are doing good. This conditioning is what led you to believe that your parents were probably right.

Mark Twain said, whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect. Isn't it time to consider a change in our attitudes? Isn't it time to consider that we live at a different time? Isn't it time to consider that our parents were wrong?

Make your kids better than you are.

Don't pour all your knowledge into his brain. Teach him to question things. Don't tell him to accept the things as they are. Teach him to change them. Don't tell him that there is nothing new in this world, teach him to invent something. Don't turn him into a worker our parents made us, make him a whatever he wishes to be. Don't be in the delusion that school teaches everything, just like our parents.

Show them the ways you never saw. Show them how to dream. Teach them to work for it. Let them build their own beliefs. Tell them about individuality. Ask them to build their own world. Give them their independence of thought. Make them realize their true inner potential.

And you can watch them build that better world that you so much longed to be in.

And if the answer is Yes

Remember the discussion bifurcated at a point. If you think that you want your kids to be the way your parents made you, where you think settling is more important than chasing your dreams and passions, living safe is more important than taking risks, then please take my advice and Stop Reproducing.

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