Happy with IPL?

Think about it."You are in your Office. A Co Employee 'J', finishes his work earlier than he is supposed to finish, picks up a Coffee, and sits at another Co Employee 'H's, desk, cheering him while 'H' does his work". That's what Watching Sports is like.

Enjoying sports in your leisure time is Healthy. But, finishing off your work to enjoy it every time your favorite sport is on TV is an addiction. It's not healthy. In today's world, the way people are obsessed with watching sports is just disgusting. Married Men are assigning their duties to their wives, avoiding spending time with children or forcing their kids to watch the Sport with them. This is madness.

It's truly disgusting that patriotism is linked with a sport now. People are playing sports not just because they are better than the rest but to defend it's country's honor. You can't like a rival country's sportsman anymore. The sport has become less of a play and more of business and a fight for honor. It's a fucking competition. Can we leave it at that?

Supporting your favorite team through the television, don't you think that's a bit too much? How much of an ass could you be that you can think that your support matters to a person playing a game halfway across the world? These dumb people who think they can support a team/ player through the television exert a sigh of disgust if another person says he isn't interested in watching a game. This is another sign that the world is becoming less and less intelligent by the year.

Admiring a sport is a good thing. But when did it become important that you watch every game that your team is playing? When did watching the game become a matter of pride among Men? This unidentified addiction is causing more harm to common population than we know.

Let us take a look at it.

How is this Addiction?

Remember when you first started alcohol, you consumed it only on the holidays and then once a month. And then it became every weekend if it was free. After that, you start making your schedules so that you will be free. Though addicts will disagree, everybody knows that is an addiction. The same thing goes for Sports. You used to watch whenever you are free and now you make yourself free to watch the game.

Every kind of addiction harms the brain. If you listen to music all the time, you feel dejected and depressed if you don't have your headphones on. If You can't fall asleep without the television running, you are addicted to that routine. And any activity deferring from that routine causes stress and makes you less productive in your other works. You can observe this in a lot of people who miss a game and they feel dejected whenever anyone asks them about it the next day.

Watching sports is an addiction which is largely going unnoticed because it isn't considered destructive to the society in any way. It is time to consider it is. It affects an individual's productivity, time and energy, lots of it. It's not a bigger threat because it is only a few times a year. But it still affects you and you need to be aware of that fact.

Watching too much of Sport is making people Dumb

Sports fans are no different than Film star fans, they invest way too much Emotion. They get upset when their team doesn't win, they get angry when somebody makes fun of their favorite team, they get super happy when the team wins. And there is this illusion called masculinity which makes us think that this is okay and the film star fan club is not. How is this different from that? If you are devoted to something or someone that doesn't even know you exist, what are you, if not stupid.

The fact that cricketers being attacked if they don't win against Pakistan or if they lose the world cup prove this. There is just too much of emotion and no thought. Watch a sport as it is, appreciate the skill and then get back to your life. You are not the 12th player in the stands. You don't need to feel defeated when your team gets defeated. You are just a guy watching it on TV. Your enthusiasm or your emotion doesn't affect the players in any way. It just affects you.

Watching Sports should be a Relief

If you are there at work, but you constantly look at the mobile phone for the score or any other details, worrying that you are missing out on the game, what benefit is that sport to you? If You rush through the traffic trying to catch those final two hours of the game, how is it a stress relief? You are losing your peace of mind, your productivity is affected and you feel depressed when you can't watch or miss the game. How is that healthy or beneficial?

Watching a Sport should be a relief. Not watching it, shouldn't affect you in any way. It should fill you with enthusiasm, it should make you feel tense, it should make you angry, but all in the time you are watching it. All emotions should be down to zero by the time you are finished watching it. If it's any other way, it's harmful.

Sports Telecast is just another distraction to keep you in the loop.

Thinking functional individuals are rare nowadays. The world is filled with people who repeat things that they are taught from childhood by the parents, religious leaders, teachers and the society. Independent thinking and ideas are becoming rare and rare because of the increased distractions present in the real world. Watching Sports is definitely one of them. And the people who invest too much of their time watching them are just living an unconscious life being in the loop.

It's like any other addiction which is taking you from the productive functioning set of people to people who sit on their ass all day not caring about a thing going on in the world eating chips and drinking beer. You are engaging yourself in the distractions which take away all your time to think of your life, the society or the government. And when the time comes, you will have nothing to offer to the society or help it change. Think about it.

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