Ever heard of Counterculture? Counterculture movement was in the West in the 60's and lasted till the 70s. The youth, the literary, the musicians, the comedians, everyone in this era stood up against the traditional norms and brought a huge change in the social system of America. The mainstream society after 1973 in America is the result of establishment and Counterculture in the 60's. The present America which is liberal and more acceptable to people of various races and sexuality, is the result of the many movements like Civil Rights movement, Freedom of Speech movement, Feminism, Environmentalism, Gay liberation, etc., happened in the counterculture era.

The counterculture movement brought huge society and cultural changes in America which still reflects in their music, Art, Movies etc. The majority of the participants in the counterculture were White middle-class youth, which according to Wikipedia, had sufficient leisure time to concentrate on social issues because of the economic prosperity achieved at the time. And this led to a revolutionary change in the mainstream society of America.

This piece in Wikipedia tells us how much economic stability is important for a country, it's youth and it's growth. The whole idea of the society that was there till the time, just vanished into thin air after youth has turned their attention towards it. And India, a country whose 65% of the population is Youth, is still fighting for their right marry the loved ones, they are still fighting over their favorite actors and running around drunk for the shows like Roadies and IPL.

Coming to the cause that led me to write this article, it is necessary for India to concentrate more on its economy that on an Aircraft Carrier. It is necessary for the media to emphasize the truth in Chinese Media's remarks. It is necessary for the people to see the situations around and fight for what's important.

Let's take a look at, Why.

India's Position

Fuck the Statistics. What do you see when you look at India? What do you find on your commute to work? What do you notice in the news every day?

There are still many sectors where development is necessary. Unemployment, lack of schools, lack of hospitals, lack of roads, lack of food and clothing, lack of shitload of stuff that's a basic necessity. We're a country of a billion people with its youth directed nowhere but survival. Everyone is just running for their lives every day to keep it in control. Why isn't this being emphasized? Why isn't the fact that our economic stability is an important thing to concentrate on, is not being put forward?

Military Advancement is necessary

Recognition of the fact that military advancement is necessary is crucial. But why is media portraying that China's remarks meant that India doesn't deserve one? Why is the emphasis only on the fact that China said something but not on that there is some truth in what it said? We had an Aircraft carrier since xx years. Indian people does need to know that to support the decision of our present government. But that's not the only thing people need to know. There is a truth to the fact that military advancement should be in sync with the economic growth of the country. This is a thing to concentrate on too. Why is it being avoided altogether?

The media is controlling your focus

This is the best example how the media is being used to control your focus or shift your concentration to something they want. The media is being used as a weapon to program you, to make you see what they want to see and to not think about what matters. While the idea of an own aircraft carrier is appreciable, media focusing on the negativity of Chinese remarks and not on the actual facts of it is shameful.

Wake up People

It is time to stop believing in everything the media says and start looking for answers on your own. It is time to look beyond what the news is. America's counterculture was possible just because of the youth focusing their attention on social issues. It was facilitated because of the economic stability they achieved. It was because they rejected war. They did not like what's going on around and so they changed it.

Turn your attention to what's going on around you rather than what's on TV. Turn your attention away from the statistics and towards the real life. Because what's affecting you, is actually around you. Not on tv and not on the social media. The power of youth in history has always been proved unstoppable. It is time for us to wake up and do what's necessary to create the life you want.

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