Rape is a proof that animals still exist among us. The kind of people who confirm Darwin's theory of evolution. The people who are a validation that we still have a long way to go.

But now, the discussion is not about the people who rape. Let's talk about people who support Rape. Let's discuss people who blame it on women. Let's brainstorm the ideology that leads to Rape.

So, we have Educated people, people working in software offices, government offices, banks and many other institutions who still think Rape is alright or a woman is to blame for it. We have people of Power, Ministers, Lawyers and others who think that Rape is the fault of a Woman. We have a Justice system which supports Marital Rape. There are a lot of voices in the country who are with and against these and most of these are inaudible.

Although the media and few famous personalities are shouting at the top of their voices that this is wrong, why are there still people who support these acts? Why is a section of society still mindlessly backing the argument of making a woman 'the cause'? Why is a culture that is so proud of respecting woman take it so easy when she is violated?

Let's look at it in a different way.

Male dominant Culture

Yeah, culture. We just say we respect women. We show a few examples from our history that people used to be like that and you should be too. What is prevalent in every society, in every corner of the world is that women were always given little to no importance in the books. Sure there are a few who made their place, but they are very few. And we never learned from history. We learn from our surroundings.

A man sees his mother working to death to feed the family and take care of them, he is going to respect her hard work, but he also expects his wife to be the same. And the generation is changing where women are working and earning, and man wasn't ready to accept that equal status. As you know, we were the dominant ones from the start.

A man isn't used to see a woman walking alone in empty streets at midnight. He is alarmed by the courage and the defiance. And like an animal which cannot control its own emotions, he just jumps on her to teach her a lesson. Rape has very less to do with a person's sexual desire. It is to show power and dominance.


Remember those schools, which separate girls and boys and sometimes won't let them interact with each other? Remember the teachers who were themselves shy to speak about sex education or the reproductive systems? Remember the dimwits who made boys sit down with girls as a punishment?

That's the effect of dim-witted people opting for jobs that they are not suited. That's a consequence of Reservations in jobs. That's the result we get when we stop educating ourselves and start educating others.

A teacher is the one who should be able to teach the right way to live along with giving the knowledge required to earn a living. They are the ones who should be updated on the ways of the world first and keep morality in check. But our half knowledge of our traditions and culture has brought us down to that level where a profession that is supposed to lead us to light is throwing us back into the darkness. And the worst part of this is, they are ignorant of that fact.

Separate Schools

Why the fuck do we still have separate schools for boys and girls? Why are they still existent? This is the place where children should know how to be in a society and with other types people which mainly constitutes the opposite gender. Keeping a separate school for boys or women only raises differences. Eventually, a boy grows up ignorant of what a girl is and how to treat her. He just learns from his father, the neighbors and the movies which are not a very good influence.

If you never meet people, you will always have an opinion on them which is mainly constituted of your own fucked up thoughts and limited experiences. These opinions are never reliable because they mostly are primitive or conditioned. And these Schools are encouraging that.

Lack of need for the Qualification

The jobs which need the most amount of qualification, those jobs which influence the lives of the most population isn't necessarily checking for the qualification of the candidates. Teaching and Administration. Politicians are fucked up, we always knew this. Somewhere in history, a politician grew apart from being a leader and grew close to being a puppet. This will require a massive change in the system which is less practical.

One thing we can do to reduce the differences between animals and people is to raise the bar for the teaching profession. A profession which requires the highest amount of intellect is now filled with dim wits and imbeciles. This can only be avoided if the quality is given importance and not the reservation.

Teaching profession has become a second choice

The teaching profession has become a second choice for people. We now have people who become teachers because they do not possess the necessary qualifications for the technical jobs that pay more. We have people who hold the lowest regard for teaching profession taking up teaching and driving us backward. We have people getting into this profession because it's an easy way to live. And this goes for all levels of teaching.

Not only does a teacher should be qualified to teach the subject, but he should be qualified ethically. He should be able to drive the students towards knowledge and to raise the intellect, He should be capable of making the student a productive member of the society. He should be able to make the student a decent human being.

Only then can the world change and reach a new level. Only then we see a decline in the number of animals among human beings. Only then, can we actually count on being a productive and functioning society. Think about it.

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