Think about it with an open mind. Homosexuality is mentioned in the bible at the start. It is also mentioned in various Religious books along with the Vedas which date back to thousands of years BCE. So, one thing that needs to be understood is that Homosexuality is prevalent since ancient times since the starting stages of evolution.

It is also known to us that homosexuality exists in hundreds of different species apart from human species. The species that we so much adore and keep in our homes, Cats, Dogs, Goats, Cattle, Chicken, Emu, Mallard, exhibit homosexual characters. Many wild species like Lions, Elephants, Fox, Giraffe, Chimpanzees, Koala, Panda, Ostrich, King Penguins and various types of fishes exhibit Homosexual behavior. Read "List of Animals displaying homosexual behavior" in Wikipedia.

The fact is that The behavior has been recorded thousands of years ago and it is being recorded now. The behavior was and is existent through all times irrelevant of the government and our mental state. If it was unnatural, it should have been extinct, right?

Most of the people opposing Homosexuality are the people taking their views from the corrupt media, ignorant Leaders and Religious leaders. They oppose Homosexuality straight out without even the slightest interference of logic. Isn't is the time that we gain some knowledge on this subject and be reasonable about it? Isn't it time that we accept people that are just different from us? Isn't it time that we the people, urge the government to scrap that unnatural "Section 377" off?

Let's discuss it.

Hinduism has never condemned Homosexuality

No one explored Sex the way ancient Indians did. We have given the world the most precious gift of all time, the Kamasutra. Even Kamasutra never condemned sexual acts between same sex. How come Indians are deprived of the idea? The Rig Veda has a statement which is universally applicable to all the issues of sex or any other thing. The statement goes like this, "Vikriti Evam Prakriti" which literally translates to "what seems unnatural is also natural".

It is a known fact that Vedas are considered the highest knowledge and they hold unequivocal importance over all the other texts that came next. But it's all in the interpretation. Knowledge of a higher level is often distracted because of the ignorance of people interpreting it. Most of the truth is lost in interpretation and so we have people ignorant of the actual knowledge and hold the opinions of the low-level intellectuals who interpret the way they understood it.

Ignorance is the root of all evil.

We are a people conditioned to repeat what the leaders and the religious leaders say, since the ancient times. Even the mantras we chant are what taught by the religious people and not of the source. Most of us never even knew the meaning of the most of what we chant. We don't even talk about sex. How can we expect ourselves to have a knowledge or a valid opinion about a taboo topic like same gender sex, that too what considered to be an unnatural one?

This lack of knowledge has led us to reject something we never condemned in the first place. All the scientific evidence, all the modern theories, and discoveries could not shake our belief because we thought it came from our highly knowledgeable ancient roots. We never bothered to revisit or fact-check them. We never had the time.

Our Education failed to drive away our ignorance

Gaining knowledge over a social evil is considered a waste of time because that time is better spent on education. The crush on education crushed the society and the different sects living in it. And we never fucking budged an eye because we were getting ready for a job, which would help our lives get better because of Fuck society. That's what we thought. We alienated ourselves from the society to come to the same society to blurt out our half knowledge and ignorant rants over the same social issues that we never paid attention to.

The youth, the product of that ignorant generation, is now continuing the proud legacy of ignorance which has become a norm. Traditions outweigh lives. We have come to terms with this. We have ingrained this into our brains and we are ready to kill anyone who tries to fuck with it. We simply thought we were doing right. And we were afraid to speak out.

The Leaders

And from this ignorant society came a pool of ignorant leaders who now possess the power of amending the constitution according to their half baked knowledge. Which further reduced the need for debate over the topic. We still have some of the leaders who are knowledgeable of what's right and what's wrong but the majority are illiterate and condemn this as an unnatural act. Following them, because they support what you think is not the best of things to do, is it?

Leaders like Shashi Tharoor, Oscar Fernandes, Vanathi Srinivasan, Religious leaders like Sri Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and many others have expressed their support and fought against the Section 377 in the recent years. Choose your leaders carefully, India. Leaders who endorse Love are the ones that lead you to light.

Age of Reason

It is very disappointing that in an age of reason, religion still holds the highest power in people's minds and in the constitution. Religion still is being responsible for designing laws in our nation. We Indians boast of being a secular country when in actuality we are a long ride away from it. Being secular at a constitutional level takes hard work. That's a long road and we still have to work hard for it.

Separating Religion and the Government has been the hardest task in the history of the entire world. Some nations succeeded and some didn't. It takes hard work to reach that level and the only way that can be made possible is through Knowledge. Knowledge of nature, knowledge of culture- what it used to be, how it changed, how it should change and more importantly the knowledge of differences. People fear what they don't understand. This fear has to be destroyed and we hold the power to destroy, in our hands. Think about it.

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