Using our brain we almost reduced the necessity of doing physical work to zero. It wasn't to reduce the stress. It was just because we thought it was in the way. Physical work is in the way of using the full capacity of the brain. So we reduced it. Made free time and started using our brain a little more. Just so much that we could get a job, do it efficiently and grow in it.

And we forgot physical work, completely. As a result, we now have people who are overweight, dying early at the age of 50 and 60 because of heart diseases. So we reverted back to doing physical work by going to the gym/ running/ exercising in different ways, reducing the fat that has formed all over the body over time.

People made careers out of it and encouraged other people to get fit and healthy. Later which turned towards the shape of the body because some people overdid it and got muscular and in shape. The others liked it and they started trying for that. Scientists discovered protein was an essential nutrient to build muscle and along came protein shakes. And Now there is an empire built around the bodybuilding industry which is attracting millions of young people towards it.

We have established that physical work is necessary because no matter how much we use our brain it won't be able to spend all the energy we are taking in. One reason for this is the reduced use of oxygen over time and physical work, exercising, running/ swimming or going to the gym and working out, increases the intake which in turn helps us burn the left out calories making us more fit.

But why is our generation so obsessed with building a muscular, well-toned body? Why is it so obsessed with the looks over the brain? Why are we stressing our bodies which yield us no benefit whatsoever instead of our brains?

Let's discuss why it is important to turn our attention away from body building.

Moving back in the evolutionary chart

Yeah, Nobody says this. You have more testosterone levels which make you more aggressive and less thoughtful. You don't think things through because you are pumped up with the male hormone. You think you can take on the world. Everything that comes to you has an emotional and hormonal reaction from you which turns into physical aggressiveness. You are always ready for a fight. And that is dumb.

In a world of communication and pure language, there are only a few things that cannot be solved rationally. Yeah, there are some animals who cannot be communicated to, but most of the people listen and converse. The need for physical stress or violence is minimum. If you are thinking or preparing yourself for such situations, you are just moving backward in the evolution chart.

Women don't necessarily fall for this

Do you know Male Lizards of some species do push ups to scare other males who enter their territory and to attract females? What world are we still living in that we have to tone up the body to attract a female? It used to be like that at the starting stage of evolution. The strongest male had the most chance of survival. Now it isn't that way. We evolved as a species from using physical strength as the means of survival to using mental strength.

Since we all still have those genes in us, the method will work, but isn't it time to get to a better way than that? We have invented language and so many other ways to woo girls. Work them out. Evolve.

Staying fit is necessary, Body building is not.

Building your body, for what? To become a model or an actor? That is acceptable because it is necessary for those professions. But you with your college degree and a software job, why the fuck do you want to waste your time building your body? Do you have enough of knowledge to know what's wrong with the country? Do you not necessarily get affected with those extra taxes levied upon us? Do you not have the responsibility to stand up for something that can make a change in this country?

For a better society, we need brains. We don't need people who can lift 100 kgs and put it back. We need people who can run the government offices more efficiently. We need people who can speed up the process, take out corruption. We need people who can think and act. All of which are possible when you stop pumping yourself with testosterone.

Concentrate on Education

Youth in this country are devoid of education. Not that what we study in schools and colleges is the best out there but if you are not even learning that stuff it is never possible to think and grow higher. And without even learning that if you are pumping your brain with enough testosterone to react aggressively to any situation, you are just in the way of the society trying to achieve peace. You are being an obstruction to the world which is moving forward. You are restricting the growth with your primal instincts and natural reactions of violence.

If you dedicate that time and energy to build up your brain, the country will never see corrupted officers around for a while. If you work out your brain as much as your body, this country will never see power hungry politicians anymore. If you can just think of what the fuck is going on around instead of preparing yourself for chaos, maybe you can create that wonderful world where you don't have to work so hard to survive. Think about it.

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