Think. Think about it with an open mind. This is the one thing that we lack at large. We never knew what exactly it was. We were okay with the people we know but with strangers, this is almost nonexistent. Maybe we lacked the words. Maybe we did not pay attention. But It's time we change that and move on to being better.

Some of our behavioral traits reflect our ancient differences and our lack of dignity for certain professions. We judge people by their appearance and mostly we never give a shit about other person's feelings. Some part of this behavior can be attributed to our lack of self-awareness but most of it is our fault that we did not concentrate so much on our social skills. While our behavior shows that there is no personal disregard to other people's feelings, working on our social skills is a must for the creation of a better nation.

Being Courteous is not about westernizing ourselves. It is just about being polite. Showing basic courtesy towards a person. When you are rude to a person you spoil your day and the day of an unknown person. But if you are polite there exists a slight chance that that might make your or the other person's day.

There are many things, where we need to update ourselves and learn to be courteous and well mannered. Small things, many of which we don't consider as ill manners or a part of violation of a person's privacy like looking at other people's phones without asking, swiping up and down the images, standing too close in a line, Yawning/ coughing up without using hand/ handkerchief, picking out noses in public, playing loud music in public, talking loudly when in a restaurant, the list just goes on and on and on.

Maybe it's time that it changes. Maybe it's time we become more polite. Maybe it's time we update ourselves and learn to be courteous.

Let's look at it logically.

Saying Please and Thank you when you take a service.

All we do is trade with people. Every step of life is a trade with another person. You call a taxi, you are taking a service from that person and paying him in return. If you are buying something from the supermarket, you are taking their service and paying them in return and so it goes on every day till the day you die.

You can make the trade a little friendly by adding a smile and words like please and thank you. You can make the person's day with those words. Whether it is expected or not, anybody will respond to courtesy with a courtesy. It's just fair trade.

The world is just as you.

Yeah. Everything you feel, the world feels the same way. It seems to be untrue when you are knowledge constrained but once you know what privacy, personal etc are, you immediately know when they are violated and how much it matters to be courteous. Manners don't come out of our knowledge of other people, they come out of our knowledge of ourselves.

You don't like it when someone in traffic changes lanes without a signal; if you are aware of this fact that you don't like it, you restrict yourself from doing that the next time. You don't like it when someone takes your phone without asking and starts browsing through the pictures, being knowledgeable of this fact actually limits you from taking somebody's phone without asking. If you know yourself, you will know the world.

Dignity of Labor

Recognizing the dignity of labor is another thing we need to work on. Any profession which lets people earn money by hard work and skill is a respectable profession. It should be respected. Remember, everyone, including you, makes people's lives better in some way. Being polite to the person in any kind of profession is a human thing to do.

So a simple thank you after your drain is cleaned, or the motor of your car is repaired, or the service of your computer is done can make the person feel good and respected. It doesn't matter what kind of service you take, being courteous always helps. Not only does it make you a good customer, but you will be a better human being in the eyes of the person.

See people as individuals

Just like yourself. Don't care about the gender too. Rest of the differences aren't to be considered at all. Each and every individual in this world is exactly like you. Every person deserves to be respected just the way you do. Every person expects to be respected just the way you do. And everyone reciprocates to respect just the way you do.

Learn to be courteous. The basic stuff. You bump into someone- say sorry, you want something- ask politely, you used a service- say thank you, you want to hear music- use earphones, you want to get to the counter sooner- get in the queue, you don't like being disturbed- don't disturb anyone.

Being polite makes the world a nicer place to live in. It makes us more human far from the animals we've been in the history. Think about it.

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