Most people, the educated, the engineers, the teachers, the professors, the doctors, are lacking the basic knowledge of history which is giving rise to a situation where the world is going through chaos and nobody is giving a damn. Observe India right now. People are mindlessly supporting Religious extremism while simultaneously being bothered about terrorism which is linked just to the Islam religion.

The lack of basic knowledge of our culture, the lack of interest in history is driving us into a mad world where we support reasons which just sound important or made importantly. Nobody wants to study history these days and definitely not professionally. The reason for this are, the low-paying jobs and lack of interest in people.

The lack of interest can be attributed to the way people are living their lives, detached from the government accepting whatever the heavy taxes levied upon them, not caring about a thing in the world other than about their lives which take us back to our slavery roots. We are a fresh country that came out of slavery just 70 years ago. We want to want to just live safely without any fear and so we have established ourselves a pattern which says, graduate, get a job, get married and have kids and look after them.

Nowhere in this pattern, there is anything spoken about the country or society or the government that affects us. So we adjusted ourselves to every situation and tried to achieve that perfect life that we always dreamed of. What we failed to notice is that we still have a war to fight, protect our country from the greedy people who want everything for themselves.

Maybe it's time we revisit that history and rewrite it.

Half the country doesn't know it's roots

The difference between Dravidians and Aryans, what was India before British invasion or the Mughal invasion etc., We just have a vague idea that our country was prosperous and had a rich culture before the Mughal and the British invasion. There are people who still believe in the caste system and there are people who misuse it. There are people who hate another section of people because they were told they were suppressed by it.

There are a lot of disturbing things in the history. But knowing history is not to repeat the past but to learn from it to create a better future. Knowing your roots, where you come from, the journey of your ancestors, the birth of your nation, the situations, the progress, should help you take the best out of it and apply to your present. If what you learned is satisfactory (which it never is or will be), you can go on living your life. And if it is not, try your best to change the present so that the coming generations have a better life than what we have now.

History is the best teacher there is

There is nothing you cannot learn from history. There are times when history provided the best solutions to the modern day problems. There are times when the solution didn't seem right people decided against it, made a better choice and rewrote the history. The wars, the bloodshed, the economic collapses, the dictatorship failures, the inventions, the success stories, survival stories, everything can help you decide how you want to live your life and how to build a better world.

The failure to know these things is the reason there is still terrorism in the world. The failure to recognize the losses is the reason why we are a mediocre world. The failure to change our ways even after looking at our ancestors is the reason for our present situation.

Lack of knowledge in the history lets you make the same mistakes our ancestors once made and it might result in the same situation that our ancestors had to fight to get out of so that you can have a better life. The knowledge can make you distrust some things or a certain class of people or avoid some situations or make some things unacceptable. But that is what we live to see and change. So that history does not repeat itself.

The lack of emphasis in Arts

Cinema, the most popular medium in India, is failing to capture history as it is. Our historical movies bear less truth and more fiction because the truth doesn't appeal audience. A historical Cinema is a documentation of the truth in a better way. It should best reflect the truth because it is the truth. When you are distorting the truth just to make money, not only are you robbing the present population of the truth, but you are also deceiving the future generations.

The effect in Schools

The lack of a visual representation and the usage of offbeat measures of teaching the subject is making the students more reluctant to learn the subject. The mediocrity and the lack of interest in the teaching profession add to this reason. Everybody is concentrated on the known history like there is no mystery left. The importance of Archaeology, the lost treasures, the buried proofs, all the mystery part of the history never makes it to the textbooks or the minds of the present teachers.

There is a lot that is unproven in the present history, things that can set things straight and things that can cause chaos in the present world. The lack of emphasis on this subject is just guiding future citizens towards a future that is based on a half-truth. The foundations of the world built on a weak preface can always blow it apart at any minute. Exploring the history and building the knowledge in people is the only chance that does not happen. Think about it.

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