Think about it with an open mind. What do we know about drugs? Other than the legal ones, how many existing drugs do we know? All the knowledge we had till now, the whole idea about drugs is planted in our minds by someone else. Parents, Society, Media, Films or Magazines. We never had any first-hand experience with drugs and we rarely encounter somebody in the influence.

Some of us know a little by watching Hollywood movies and we have seen some people enjoying under the influence, some fucked up and doing disastrous things. We know there exists different types and some are good and some are the worst. So we stay optimistic about it. And some of us have done extensive research on this and have the knowledge about everything that is to know about them except the practical experience. And some of us do possess the practical experience which is considerable knowledge. Some of us support drugs and some are entirely against them.

We've seen in the recent years that countries that have banned them for so long, have been legalizing them. We heard news about Netherlands that it offers free drugs to addicts three times a day in a sophisticated, clinical way and this has reduced the crime rate and addiction rate. Different countries have been taking various steps to deal with drugs and we still are here singing our age old song that drugs are bad and punishing the users irrevocably, instead of dealing with them.

Why is it an issue now? Because, the youth, has a lot of questions. Why are drugs bad? Why are they being legalized if they are bad? And why do so many people support some sort of drugs and not the other? What do we have to know about drugs? Should India be legalizing them? Why should India legalize drugs?

Let's gain some knowledge.

Recreational Drugs

Other than the Medicinal Drugs, there exists a different batch of drugs, which contain psychoactive compounds which are known for euphoric effects, mood and perception changes or cognitive alterations. Examples of these are Coffee, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Cannabis (Ganja, Marijuana), Cocaine, LSD, Magic Mushrooms etc.,

These drugs can be divided into two kinds. Soft and Hard Drugs. Part of these drugs are natural and some of these are synthesized in a lab. Every one of these drugs has their own effects on the human body, good, bad and horrific. Some are physically addictive and some are not. Cigarettes and Alcohol which are considered hard drugs are legal in a majority of the countries around the world. Cannabis, which is a soft drug, is being legalized in the recent years.

Addiction Percentage

Hard Drugs are generally more addictive and soft drugs are less. But do you know the results of the studies? This is a chart showing all the addiction rates of different legal and illegal drugs, from the research of John Hastings for In health Magazine. While we only know most of these because of various Hollywood movies, the drugs that we regularly see, that are legal in our country have a high addiction rate.

This should raise a question that when there are drugs that can provide recreation or relaxation which have a lower addiction rate, why is it that only Alcohol and Cigarette and Coffee are legal? We are seeing deaths, families torn apart, and many disastrous things that happen because of consumption of alcohol. We have seen people die of lung cancer, mouth cancer and lose their voice because of cigarettes. Then why are they never off the market shelf? And most importantly why did the others which have a lower addiction and dependence never made it to that shelf?

The present Legal Drugs keep you in a prison

First off let's see the effects of the commonly known drugs. You get up and have a sip of your first cup of Coffee and you will be wide awake. The psychoactive compound Caffeine helps you fire up and get ready to work. You start working in the office and you take a break, light up a cigarette. Again, your brain is fired up and you work more efficiently because of Nicotine. After you come home, you feel tired and have a beer. By the time you finish it you see yourself feeling lighter and out of exhaustion and you fall asleep. And the cycle continues. Bill Hicks talked about this, very long time ago.

Do you know what the illegal LSD, Magic Mushrooms, Cannabis, Mescaline etc do? They alter perceptions, they make you think in a different reality, they cause a change in you which often is linked to higher perceptions and enlightenment. Apart from the euphoric effects, these drugs make you question your own reality and lets you see it in a different way. Some drugs like LSD increased the cognitive function of some individuals so much that they were able to learn a new language in a week or two.

Whatever. Drugs were never a part of our culture.

If you think drugs were never a part of our culture, you don't know anything about Indian history. Drugs have always been a part of our culture. The first mention of Cannabis in the entire world was made in the Vedas about 2000 years ago. We drink a special drink called Bhang for a festival. What do you think it is made of? We have a drug specific to every part of the Nation. Every state has a special drink that they are proud of. So, when you say drugs were never a part of our culture, all you are doing is showing your ignorance of it or being hypocritical about it. That's how ignorant we became.

Everything was a part of the culture. Our food habits, our special drinks which make us high and we don't need to be ashamed of any of those, provided that they benefit us. And we have seen how they can benefit us. Defending superstitious beliefs that kill people is wrong. Drugs that can benefit more than the modern ones is not.

Drugs bring Destruction

The argument that Drugs bring destruction is just another lie that you got conditioned to repeat. Some Drugs have brought destruction and some never did. This is an illusion created by the government showing the few dangerous drugs and few people who can't handle them, to control a large amount of population and feed you the legal pharmaceutical ones. So legalizing any new drugs, especially the low addictive natural ones, isn't going to harm the society any more than it is now. But it will harm the system which is not very appreciable by the government or the authorities.

How the fuck do you justify the music of famous bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Rolling stones? How the fuck do you explain Shakespeare? Some of the best music, best of literature was often a product of drug-induced genius and we have seen that many times in the history. If drugs only brought destruction how do you ever explain these arts and artists? It is time to get into our thick skulls that, It's not the entire population, it's just some amount of it.

Legalization of Cannabis or any other low addictive drug in India

This should not be based on the few low intelligent brains that are filled with half knowledge about the history of India, the world or the people who are not ready for it. India is a vast country and just as there are differences in culture, language and economic conditions from place to place, there is a difference of intelligence from person to person and this is never going to reduce. There will always be two types of people, people who can handle drugs and people who can't handle it. So is with the use of any other drug. We cannot take into consideration of the people who might misuse the drug and move the nation as slow as them.

India should legalize drugs like Cannabis and start regulating the flow. Imposing restrictions on all instead of educating the few is an obstruction of freedom. "The Government is taking away an individual's freedom because it can't handle or don't want to handle few dumb people". This is not how a functioning should government work. The government needs to realize that and take a step in the right direction before another shortsighted leader comes and bans the existing drugs like it's going to solve the unemployment or poverty or billions of other existing problems of the nation. Think about it.

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