The fact that you are able to read what is written, is the purpose of your education. The rest of the stuff is just to help you find a way in life. A way that you like, a way that can lead your life satisfactorily, not happily but satisfactorily. Because education and job are not the primary ways to provide you happiness. The stuff that you get to buy when you have a good job, the comfort that you have when you have more money and the materials that you brag about when you own them are just the byproducts of it.

So, the question is, the education that you had, was it useful or not? Yeah, pretty fucking much. Does it help you in your job? Now, that question is the complicated one, because not all jobs require the same amount of education that you have. If you are a software engineering graduate working in IT sector, it proves to be useful. Now if you are a software engineering graduate working in the non-IT sector, why the hell did you do the software engineering in the first place?

If the answer to that question is because of my parents, or because it seemed a good thing at the time, I had to do something or I thought I liked it or it pays more- Congratulations. You have become the victim of the society that has slavery as its roots, and the ever increasing population.

Most of the people who complain that our education sucks, it needs to be updated and stuff like that, it sucks, yes. But the people suck more. Your parents suck more. Your teachers, the politicians, the neighbors, your relatives and the fucking roots of Indian traditional society sucks more. Which means we have to change the system first to change our education which in turn changes our system again.

Let's see how.

People who Complain

You are too busy living your life, making money, making kids to send them to the same school that sucked for you in the first place. The same people that had a mouth full of dirt to throw on Government offices when they were students are now settled in one, living happily in the 9 to 5 jobs. The same people who could not tolerate the under qualified teachers have become one now, somehow getting along.

People, if you don't change what you don't like, who the fuck will do it for you? Everybody is ready to settle down with a job, then get married and have kids like they are in a race to death. How the fuck do you expect change, when the changers are in a race that doesn't even makes sense? You don't even have the time to read the newspaper or think whether the stuff they printed is all bullshit or true. How do you expect the change?

The people who don't have jobs

I believe that people who can't keep a job or who don't like to work 9 to 5 are intelligent. But if you don't work and learn how to look after yourself, how in the hell would you learn responsibility? How in the hell can you know what is wrong with everything and what needs to be done? Taking a job will be a mistake. But it's that mistake that helps you know who you are and what you want. So get a job. Take that one step. Do that one mistake. And then decide what you want to act on. Decide what you don't like to see. Decide to bring a change. Then leave your job and work on it.

Everything makes money. Every little job and every little thing. Don't look at the world and see materials. Look at the world that makes you happy. Look at the best and worst of the world. If it is money, and for most of us it is, invents the ways to earn it. There is no limit to what a human mind can do. So, think. Think of how to make money while changing what needed to be changed or vice versa.

All we need is a comfortable life

A car, an apartment of our own, the best of televisions, the best of refrigerators, the best of washing machines, blah blah blah. Going for the best is a sure good way to live. But constantly upgrading the stuff that you have for the best in the market, don't you think it's a wild goose chase? There will always be another best. There will always be a better product. There will always be new features. If you go on changing not because you can afford it but because you need to get updated, there will be no end to it.

Most of us that are chasing the money are stuck in this cycle. We always want the best. One Mobile after another, one vehicle after another, one product after another. We are never satisfied and we are never going to stop. In the end, we are left with the same world that came in because the stuff that you own would have become old and you no longer have the energy to earn. And there is nothing you did to change the world that you once complained about. It's the same cycle all over again.

Look for products which serve the purpose, people. Look for products which save your time so that you will be free to pursue what to love. Look for the core purpose, saving time. The invention of the Washing machine saved us hours of washing time and strain. Refrigerator saved us daily trips to the market. Online market saved hours of shopping.

And what is it that we are doing with our free time?

We are working more in order to buy a better washing machine, a better refrigerator or a computer. We are trying to make ourselves better in a materialistic way, not caring about the world. When the question is asked- The sudden distinction between materialism and the world, that the world is not permanent, relations are the only thing that matter, family matters, kids matter, etc., pops up. We become selfish thinking that our family, our kids, these are the only things that matter. And to provide them, we work long and hard. Forgetting what we once thought about changing things. We don't think about it because we think we don't have time. But all we are doing with our leisure time is chasing things, be it for you or for them.

The thing is, my friend "You, your family, your kids" are the ones that are temporary. The world is permanent. You live and you die. Your DNA, which was once your father's, which dates back to the starting stages of evolution continues. Even what you buy, doesn't remain with your kids. It'll be sold or thrown away because at the age when you thought you wanted the best, your kids are going to think the same and they are going to throw away the old crap which was once the best in the market.

The only better life you can give to your family, your wife, your kids, is a better and safer world. If you can invent, invent. If you can educate, educate. If you are capable of changing things, even in a minor way, change them. Don't run around buying things of the world to provide a better life for your kids which ultimately end up in a dumpster.

Then how useful is your education to you?

If you are in this cycle, there is no use of the education that you had. If you do not see the prison that you are living in, you can be counted as an uneducated person. If you are not the one who can bring change, you might as well not go to college at all.

It's not our country's education that sucks. It's our mindset. Humans are capable of growing trees in a desert and what we are doing is running around shopping malls searching for new materials which we did not invent and don't give a shit even if they never existed.

With all the information that you have read, that you have learned, that you can read and that you can use, you are choosing to sit around in your apartment watching for better mobiles in the market just because you have money to exchange for it. So, maybe it's not the education system that sucks, it's you. Think about it.

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