Today I will mention some of the home remedy tips for those who are suffering from urinary tract problems. These remedies are can be taken alongside our routine works. The medicine is from the foods we use in our daily life because passing urine daily plays a very important role in our human health. Urine is a waste product made in the kidneys. The kidneys spurt urine into the ureters which then pass it into the bladder, where it collects ready to be expelled from the body via the urethra. Normal urine is a clear, transparent, amber-colored fluid made of urea, uric acid, and water.

Honey is the best medicine for several urinary problems.

Every day and night if you consume one teaspoon of pure honey, many urinary problems will be cured.

Tender Coconut is an ancient medicine

Consuming tender coconut with lime juice cures many urinary problems and urinary tract infections.

Grapes cures burning sensation

Eating grapes cures burning sensation while passing urine, in Kannada, it is also called as [uri muthra]. Only white or green grapes are helpful for this. Black Grapes are a big No.

Banana Flower is very rare medicine

Consumption of juice of banana flower with cucumber juice gets rid of urinary bladder infection and urinary tract infection and also burning sensation while passing urine.

Elaichi (Cardamom) Powder

Drinking Elaichi powder mixed with milk and tender coconut will get rid of urine flow restriction and burning sensation. By drinking this mixture daily makes your urine track clean.

Curd Rice for better flow

Eating curd rice mixed with jaggery and pepper powder cleans the urinary path. Eating curd rice daily does not let your urine path block. It also helps in prostate gland health problems.

Another Best Medicine for urinary problems

A mixture of tender coconut, sugarcane juice with lemon juice is a very good remedy for urinary tract infection and for the normal flow of urine or with any problems of urinary infection.

Have you heard of Ridge Gourd?

Use of Ridge Gourd meals more will help us solve most of the urinary problems and will get rid of urinary tract infections.

Hot water is another remedy

Drinking lukewarm water will help you to get rid of most of the urinary problems, urinary tract infection and prostate gland infection.

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