Storytelling was the profession that gave us the most important books in the history like the Vedas, the Indian mythology, Greek mythology, The Bible, etc. It is an art form that holds tremendous importance in ancient times before a script was developed. Storytelling was used to convey the greatness of kings, moral values, cultural preservation, propagating political ideas or plain entertainment. The fact that human beings are now at this stage of evolution, the society that we developed, the rules, the laws, can all be attributed to storytelling.

And this art form in direct or indirect form is prevalent throughout the ages. After the invention of the script, there have been easier ways to document stories and because of a lesser distortion of facts, writing gained popularity. The art of verbal storytelling gradually declined but retained importance as Stand up comedy later in the 20th century.

But the original art form of storytelling which was pure stories, be it myths or legends or true stories, has been around all along. This art form is existent in all cultures with different names like Burra Katha in Andhra Pradesh, Villupattu in Tamilnadu, Panchtantra in the North India, Shouchang in Chinese tradition, Maggid in Hebrew tradition, oral history, oral literature, One man show, etc.

Now it is an art that is gaining its importance. We are a generation searching for alternate jobs rather than the traditional ones and this one looks promising as it is. Stand up comedy is now one of the widely pursued careers in the present world. Storytelling is yet to gain popularity and it will in the near future because people are constantly looking for new ways to engage themselves in.

Let's see how it is going to be the next big thing.

There's movie. Why would anyone listen to somebody tell a story?

Well, there's movie. But there is a lot of demand for books. In a sense, movies capture your two most basic senses the audible and the visible, which means the concentration has to be distributed to both the senses, which holds a possibility of distraction. It is a constant battle between the two senses which most of the directors fail to capture.

But a book isn't the same. Book requires only one of your sense which is your vision. There is no distraction. So book keeps your attention all the time which is why we always hear a book is better than a movie and that books change lives.

In the same way, a storyteller requires only your auditory senses and in the right way and the right tone, he can take you on an imaginative journey the way a book does. He can take us into a meditative state, a state which majority of human beings are very eager to experience. It can open you to newer energies, change your thinking, your perspectives and make you a new person. A storyteller has the ability to bring a change in people, just the way a religious leader in a prayer does. That is something to look forward to.

The world needs Storytellers

It's sad that public speaking is confined to religion, politics and some parts of show business. The three areas in which there is absolutely no benefit whatsoever to the common population. There is one field where this is active from a long time- Motivational Speaking. But these are only conducted for people of certain sectors of job and students or depressed population, which help people to be a robot in the present society. Nobody voices their concerns regarding the government, their policies or the present situation of people or the planet.

This is where storytelling comes in play. You don't know what's real and what's fake anymore. People voicing their concerns in the presence of an audience is necessary because it raises the common knowledge, it helps them look at the other side of the coin. Just as every book has a different effect on you, every story you tell teaches a different lesson, which is a better experience than a movie. And people yearn for it.

The youth need to know this

The above quote is about America but it can be applied to the entire world. The world is full of products and they are just cycling around in and out of people's lives. People have become consumers and are living just to buy stuff that isn't even necessary. But the yearning for arts has always been the same. Be it in the religious music or private ones, be it paintings or movies, be it stand-up comedy or the television. People have always sought the new forms of art. Which is why arts are gaining more importance than science today.

Poetry, Beauty, Romance, Love... These are what we Stay Alive for.

This is best explained in the movie "Dead Poet's Society" by Robin Williams. Arts give life meaning. There is no yearning for a movie or a song in animals. These belong only to the human race. And arts are what needed to be pursued now.

Check out the world now. We have one model of car which is released every 6 months with slight modifications and a little extra price. We have air conditioners with the best features and still, there are efforts going on to make it better and more appreciable. Same with Refrigerators, and 'n' number of things we already achieved a perfection in. Now there is a demand for automation. Everything is getting automated, cars, supermarkets, products ordered online are delivered using drones now.

All this for what? So that we have more free time to appreciate the things that give life meaning. Love, romance, beauty, family, kids, passion, music, poetry, books, and other kinds of art that only are enjoyable by the human race. Add another long lost art to this, you will be a contributor to the betterment of a world where arts gain their importance and help people become people again. Think about it.

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