Drinking Alcohol in abundance is obvious not a good habit but restricting yourself to a single glass has some really great benefits for your health. 'Drinking alcohol every day for better health' doesn't seem like a good idea but it has proven benefits that we can't also deny.


1.Helps you lower the risk of cancer.
2.Helps reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.


1.Reduces stress levels.
2.Helps combat bad breath in the morning.


1.Helps you sleep better.
2.Helps your body fight damage caused by free radicals.

Red Wine

1.Helps cure hormonal imbalance.
2.Protects you from heart disease.


1.Helps in lowering your chances of heart disease.
2.When consumed with water, helps in digestion.


1.Helps better your memory.
2.Gives you a glowing skin.

White Wine

1.Improves your lung health.
2.Improves your skin's health.
3.Boosts your energy levels.

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