Exams need not be the one that we attend either in a school or a college. It's a test that decides our skill and ability to perform under pressure. Its significance may vary depending upon the need of the situation. Hence it's very important for us to equip ourselves with all the skills essential, to succeed in any exams that we face in life either practical or academic based. Let's zoom in on some of the tips that could make a better candidate be a successful performer.


It always looks much easier, when we minimize things. Just skim longer part of your goal into bits and pieces and forget not to note down the major things, so you don't miss out on them! Space out the notes on a separate sheet in a neat and clean manner. Doing such things might boost up your confidence on what you decide to achieve and gives clarity. Note making is an art and cannot be attained directly at the first go! So be patient and trial it out in each and everything you do. This might enhance your technique on your way to improve the performance. Also writing helps you remember better. It is better to write once than to read a hundred times.


Many of the questions that we prepare for the higher studies examinations are quite lengthy and at the same time, we cannot compromise on their major points. In such cases, studying by means of flow chart technique might come in handy. It ensures that important points in the questions are not missed out at the same time, it registers every point in our memory much efficiently than any other methods. It can also be very helpful in the last minute revisions, thereby reducing chances of forgetting any of the points. Some type of questions that we couldn't convert into a flowchart can be alternated with underlining important points which serve as the same.


One might be well versed in the subjects that they learn and also a very knowledgeable person, but when it comes to delivering in exams, without your presentation going well you are obviously going to lose marks. It's a skill acquired only by practicing. When you are about to write a long answer, just make sure that the content you present is not awkward. Use a black pen to highlight some important points here and there.Overdoing this will become double bluff...So be careful. Underline some important headings and subheadings. Differentiate one question to the other by drawing a thick line between them. These will make it easy for someone who is correcting around several bundles of papers.


Some say it's a myth and some say it works...The truth is drinking water before an exam does increase your ability to deliver the points that you have memorized as well keeps your body hydrated which helps in the free flow of information between the brain cells. Some researchers also say that drinking water will calm down the nerves. A study conducted on this topic showed that the students who consumed water during exam times performed 10% higher than those who didn't. Also in general, drinking water has multiple benefits.


OK, let's assume tomorrow is your exam, you've prepared for almost any question that can appear in the examination. The night before the exam, it's always vital to recollect all the points that you've learned which make them really get registered strongly on your memory. It's as essential as rehearsing for a stage performance. Obviously, it'll make you feel confident that you can attend whatever questions that might come in the exam, A clear order wise recollection is advisable so that the session is hassle free.

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