India has the highest number of news channels, more than any other country in the world. This has made it easier for every single person in the country to hear and see everything that's going on in the country. But it also made it easier to mass hypnotize the population. When the media is incorruptible and works for the country's development, it is an asset to the country. But when it is filled with corrupt people working for the government, politicians and higher officials, the country is walking towards its doom.

There are people who work hard to get the truth out, but these are limited in number and are scattered all over. The rest of them are just there so that they can have a job and have kids and live their life. The reason for this is the lack of resources to wait for a better job and the social pressure that says get a job and get married.

One thing we have to keep in mind is that this is a field that affects the population of an entire nation and if you are in that field lacking responsibility towards the nation or the people or the truth, it certainly leads us into darkness and chaos. Media is existent for the sole reason of moving people forward, giving them news about the government, it's policies, how it affects the population, how it is going to benefit, how it should have been if it isn't perfect and so on. But what we see today in the news all the time is Fear. Today's media is provoking fear among people by giving preference to the negative. Because it is said, "People are more attracted to negativity".

The youth of India has to know that, "That's all Bullshit they are feeding you". People are not attracted to negativity, they are afraid. They want to know if there is any danger to their lives or if their lives are secure. The media, the politicians, the authorities, the society is feeding off of this fear from generations. And as always people are unaware.

Let's look at how this is affecting.

India has become a Rape Nation

It's right that media should make a big deal out of brutal rapes, it compels the authorities to take higher measures of security. But to remind people of it every time something like it happens for the sake of ratings or sensation is just disgusting and ugly. People are too afraid to send women outside alone after dark just because it is shown that there are too many rapes in the country. It's one thing to raise awareness and totally another to provoke fear and consciously or unconsciously, all media doing today, is provoking fear.

Fear of people, fear of the police, fear of injustice and fear of many another thing which doesn't affect everybody all the time but can affect anybody anytime. This causes more fear and inhibition in people. Making a person an enemy of every other person is the main outcome of this provocation. It's harming the minds of people more than anything. The fear of lack of security is making people worry about their own lives more than anything.

In the process of securing their lives and their own future, the responsibility of common population towards the nation or the government has come close to zero, which is why the nation is in chaos right now. Our media is not contributing to the growth of our nation but rather leading it towards a disastrous future.

People were animals from the start of Evolution

The majority of the cases the media shows us as sensation are just cases where people acted like animals and committed something horrible. The terrorism, the lack of justice, the rapes, the murders, everything is inhibiting the population to live the way they want because they fear that there are other people that want to harm them.

There is a very little mention of the authorities taking action against such people and the proceedings of that action. If a person commits something, more than the action he has committed the public needs to know how he has been punished. That will put the fear where it needed to be, in the minds of criminals. But looking for sensations, all the present media is showing is the brutality of some people, building fear in the minds of the common population.

Media is supposed to take the fear off of the minds of people and show them that there is hope with the government or the authorities or in the future. Hope is the last thing we see on the television nowadays because they are obsessed with showing us the freak show which yields no benefit for the general population but for the politicians, the government, and the religious leaders.

The Fake News

Another thing the media is excelling today is encouraging fake news for the sake of ratings. The half-baked, irresponsibly researched information that appears on the social media. One half-wit from another end of the world creates something that offends somebody, but it is shown as it offended half the world and we Indians are doing nothing about it.

Isn't the media supposed to show how to take the higher road? Isn't the media responsible for stopping this madness and suggesting people that it's a stupid fight? How come no one in the media is objecting this spread and blaming other people for spreading it? How come there is no emphasis on the stupidity of the person that has created the certain news?

Every journalist should hold the highest regard for truth. The one thing that media should be good at is separating truth from the fiction. But the situation now is that fiction is being spread faster than the truth by the very media. And that is causing more harm.

The Emphasis on Celebrity lives

Entertainment news is a distraction. They are somewhat useful for deviation from the regular stresses of the world. But why is there so much attention on celebrities and their personal lives? People interested in other people's lives are dumb and they are an insult to the intelligence of humanity. The media which should know and avoid this is encouraging such kind of people for the sake of ratings.

Look at what we have now. A nation full of people who wants to know everything about their favorite celebrity's life. The Media, instead of raising awareness among people, is feeding useless information to them just so that they stay in that state of limbo unable to make decisions in any area of their life. These people became a necessity to the government because when you have an awareness you are immune to the bull shit the government feeds you and you take the necessary step not to fall for it.

So, in a way the media is making you stupider keeping you away from all that is important, feeding useless information day and night. The media is controlling your mind in ways you do not know. Let's stop this madness and let's stop believing everything the media says. Let's take back control of our lives and start making our own decisions without any outside influence. Let's stop being naive and start building ourselves and our nation.

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