We all are animals according to Darwin's evolution theory. And it has been proved again and again. But there is a lot of Debate on this matter but after reading these facts you know where our certain attributes come from. These are some facts about animals that show human behavior is actually an inherent one. Learning these might scare the hell out of us. But since they are interesting, we would like to present some of them to you.

Bearded Vultures wear Make up

Do you remember women in their forties suddenly start putting more make up and try to be more attractive?

Do you know that Jaguars get high.

Horses too.

There are weirder qualities yet

Do you know that Octopuses are older than Dinosaurs? Wonder how was it possible?

African Lions show Homosexual Behaviors and so do many other animals.

Not many of us know this but homosexuality is common among as many as 500 different species which consists of domestic animals like Cats, Dogs, wild animals like African Lions, Brown Bears, birds like Chicken, Emu, several fishes, amphibians, and reptiles. Now if that doesn't prove that it's natural then we don't know what does.

Dolphins are Assholes

Another Wild and Bizarre habit that is seen in some species which cannot be left out is that Animals also Rape. Rape culture is prevalent in a lot of animal species which are close to us. You will be astonished to know that Dolphins gang rape female Dolphins. A group of Dolphins single out a female dolphin and could rape it for days. Oh, Here is another fact. They rape Humans too.

So are ducks, But Naturally

And as much as it seems grotesque, Doing it with the dead is common among some animals and birds and mammals too. Necrophilia is a common occurrence in animals like otters, sea lions, ducks and swallows, lizards, frogs and snakes etc.,

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