Think. Think about it with an open mind. "Cigarette Smoking causes cancer and is injurious to health. Consumption of Alcohol is injurious to Health". These warning signs have become more and more frequent than they were before.

"Cigarettes should be banned". "I am against Drugs".

We hear things like this from people all the time. From people who are constipated if they don't drink Coffee or tea 5 or 6 times a day. We hear the second part, from People who hold scotch in one hand and cigarette in the other. It's not their fault. They are just repeating what they have always been told. Drugs are bad for you. Drugs kill you. And we never questioned them. Because all we have seen are those images where a part of your body is cut off or fucked up because of drugs.
If they are so bad, Why is it that our government, without taking these drugs off the market is just campaigning against it?

Let's look at it in a different way.

What's a Drug?

By definition, a Drug is something that can cause a physiological change in the body. It can be anything. The Coffee you consume daily to remain active or the Paracetamol you take for the lowering your body temperature when you have a fever. We'll keep aside the topic of Medical Drugs for some other time. Let's concentrate on Recreational ones. The ones our governments says will harm us but sells at every street corner and the ones no one recognizes as drugs at all.


At this point, if you go, Coffee is not a drug. Or we don't drink coffee, we only drink tea, then please know you are an imbecile and that both coffee and tea have Caffeine in it which is a psychoactive compound. Coffee has 40 mg per 100 gms and tea has 11 mg. So, whether it's coffee or tea, the effect caused in your body is due to caffeine and it's a psychoactive compound ergo Coffee or Tea can be considered drugs.


The most dangerous drug there is. Partially true. War on Cigarettes has been going on for decades and they have never been off the shelf for once. It is true that cigarette has been linked with many types of cancers and diseases but it has also claimed a status that it is not a drug among the ignorant elderly and the dumb teenagers. Cigarette is a drug and it is addictive. But the only reason we are accepting it as a habit is because it is legal. Irrationally highly taxed but legal.


The most socially acceptable drug. A taboo in some uncivilized places but acceptable in many. Alcohol by most people is not looked at as a drug because it has always existed around, legally. But it can alter your mental state and so it is a drug.

What do these Drugs do to our body

Let's see what Coffee alcohol or Cigarette does when they enter the body? All foods can be classified as Acids or Bases according to chemistry. Given the effect the drug produces on our body produces, our brain uses more oxygen (or less oxygen depending on the drug [Coffee speeds up the metabolism, Alcohol slows it down]) and releases hormones like endorphins, dopamine, serotonin etc. This effect is caused when you have sex, exercise or when you eat a good meal. So all you are doing is causing the release of these hormones with the help of a chemical or a plant.

The reason why Alcohol, Nicotine, and Coffee are legal

The most popular reason is "The long term usage of these drugs with moderation causes less ill effects on health compared to other drugs". While this is true, many a number of chronic diseases can be attributed to these drugs. Why aren't they off the shelf then? Because that's good business for the Government, Pharmaceutical, and the medical industry.

The real reason is...

The real reason is that there should be some social evil prevalent to distract people from looking at what's important.
There is no need for the government to launch such huge campaigns against these drugs. There is no need to display a two and half minute advertisement before a movie. There is no need for the warning on the movie screen whenever an alcoholic beverage pops up on screen. All it does is reduce your ability to think of more serious issues the world is facing right now.

Look at the real problem

We have been polluting our water, the air and the soil with highly toxic chemicals. The water which was once directly consumable from the tap is now used only after being boiled. Air pollution is at all time high. The number of chronic diseases rose. The death toll rose. Obesity became common. And the average human life expectancy, though is on the rise, much of it rotates around the hospitals. And the social evils we are fighting against, are things which are available on the supermarket shelf.

Drugs were never a problem

Yes, this is true. The damage caused by the drugs we take are minimal compared to the damage caused by the polluted air and water or the soil or the oil spillage or the radioactivity. Yet they have never been made an issue because they are essential for our comforted living. The whole bullshit about drugs destroying lives of people is based on a minimum amount of people who couldn't cope with the world and sought solace in drugs. There are plenty of fully functional individuals who are active and productive with these habits. And without drugs, the pieces of Art that are considered a treasure in the modern world would never have existed. Wake up, People. Think.

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