I want to speak for the whole youth in the country, I wanna ask the so called Bajrang Dal, RSS, Shiv Sena and whatever the terrorist groups out there to clarify us what exactly are you talking about when you say "Indian Culture".

I want to know everything about the culture, values and the ideologies you want to protect in India. I want to clearly know about the behaviors you are expecting from the youth of this country. I want to know what qualifies you as the moral judge of some other person's life. I want to know how exactly are you planning to build India in the coming future.

Because last time when I saw

In home and my society since my birth is that Women are just housemaids and baby raisers. From what I saw in my neighborhood is that education for women is not necessary. From what I saw in towns is that there is no reason for a woman to cross the premises of the house. What exactly is the culture are you talking about protecting here?

Because what I read in school

A Woman had to burn with her husband when he dies. What I read in school was that girls were married at the age of 12 or lower to Men, double triple their age. Last time I read about this, it was called pedophilia. What I learned after that, is that these girls were made to wear a white saree for the rest of their lives and never were allowed to remarry. Is this the culture you were talking about?

Because the last time I noticed

It was okay for a person to beat his wife to death. It was okay for a "Khap panchayat" to kill a girl or a man in the name of honor. It was okay for a father to disown his daughter. It was okay for an entire town to kill a woman or a man under the allegation of adultery. It was okay for a person to rape a woman if he marries her and it was okay for a person to rape and kill a woman who roamed outside after 8 in the evening. Is this what you were talking about?

What do you achieve?

I want to know what you achieve by beating a man if he roams around with a woman. I want to know what you achieve when you take justice into your own hands in the name of culture. I want to know what you achieve when you restrict a girl from wearing what she likes. What you achieve by stopping people from celebrating love. What you achieve by the division of sects, what you achieve by raising the walls and what you achieve by Violence and Terrorism.

In relation to Anti Romeo Squad Shaving a guy's head.

Muhammed YounusRs.101 hour 5 min ago

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