The more I hear this word, the more I think the meaning has become corrupt. There is a virtue about being patriotic towards one's own country. But patriotism is nowadays associated with trivial things. If you criticize a politician, you are an anti-nationalist. If you raise a question on their policies, you are being named a terrorist. If you talk about the violence in the name of culture, you are being threatened to leave the country. While most of these are claims by illiterate people, lovingly named as bhakts, there are some literate people who support this argument blindly.

The fact that people, the educated ones, most of them in good positions in respectable jobs, are supporting this argument in the name of patriotism and are ready to overlook any kind flaw, no matter how big it is, is actually scary. This is prevalent in other areas of life as well.

And then the sports- you can't support another country when they are playing against our country. You can't even say that our team is weak and has no chance against them. When did Sport turn into a war? Since when does rooting for another country's play, has become against the nation?

Hating Pakistan- because you are born on this side of the border, you are automatically supposed to hate everyone on the other side, it doesn't matter what they are. We have a war going on with this nation since the partition. We have our military fighting the terrorists from this country for a very long time. But how come it became a necessity to hate everyone from the country?

There is no way that you can convince an illiterate or a bhakt that you are allowed to do all these things and still be a patriot. but there are people who are still at doubt on this matter and can't decide what to stand for or against. These people need to know, what the hell is this patriotism and where is it actually applicable?

Let's Discuss it a little bit.

I would like to start with this.

You are in this country by accident. Instead of turning left from Africa, if your ancestors had turned right, you would have been an European or an American. Had your father decided that he is going to settle in any other country other than India, you would have been a national of that country and not India. Had he married a woman from some other country instead of marrying an Indian, you would only be a Half Indian. You are here in this country by accident. What the fuck are you so prideful about?

Patriotism matters.

Because humans are basically animals and some men are less evolved than other men. The biggest threat for a man is another man. Wars are the result of this. Wars have been fought in the past because of things like better resources, better land, etc. Wars have been fought because a particular group of people wanted to show their dominance and enslave another group of people. The enslavement, the robbing of the land, the loot of resources, this could only have been stopped if the particular tribe of people stand together and defend its people and land.

This has changed over the years, people established boundaries and started guarding their borders in defense from people who want to loot. The offense has come close to zero but the defense stays because it is a necessary measure. Because there are men out there who still want a piece of your land or a part of your resources and they want to take it by force. So, if you do not want to lose your land or your people to another country, the Love for your country matters. It matters when there is somebody attacking your independence, it matters when somebody wants to loot your resources, it matters when somebody wants to kill you and your people.

Nation comes first

Patriotism also matters When someone inside your country is fucking up the country. Not every decision, a good, bad or popular leader takes will be a progressive one. There are ones which are not framed right or timed right. There are some which are taken according to the beliefs of a certain community or the majority. If these threaten the progress of the country, that is the time your patriotism matters.

And how do we know if it is progressive? By thinking, by not being guided by some emotion or religion but by being logical about things. By recognizing that we are human and other people are too. People with no motives or any kind of cause are blindly following leaders because they believe in them. These kind of people are the first to get deceived by the leader which in turn uses them to deceive a larger sum of population. This can only be stopped if the people are educated enough to know right from wrong, tradition from progress, religion from mind and people from state.

Know your responsibility towards yourself and the Nation

Every person who is living in a country is responsible for its growth, culturally and economically. He holds the responsibility for the growth of the society he is living in, he holds the responsibility to preserve what needs to be preserved and discard what needed to be discarded. So if a decision that is harming the people in his sect, is being taken, he holds the responsibility to fight against it. Remember this, "The world suffers a lot, not because of the violence of the bad people but because of the silence of the good people".

To know what to fight for and what to fight against, you should know yourself better. You should be able to deter a situation and be able to take a stand. For that to happen you need to be prepared. And if you are thinking- this is close to impossible in the busy lives of this era, You are deceiving yourself. A Human Being stops learning only when he decides to stop learning.

Hold the highest regard for Moral values and Freedom

Stand up for Morals, not religion. Stand up for Peace. Stand up for freedom. These are the only things that can make a nation and the people great. The only reason we have security forces on the border is to defend the freedom of the nation. The only reason we have police and the justice system is to keep the peace. The only reason we had a religion was to keep people moral.

Patriotism is needed when there is a disruption of freedom in the nation. It is necessary when there is a disruption of peace. It is necessary if there are people with corrupted morals are looting others. It is necessary when there is no regard for the opinions of minorities. It is necessary when one community is suppressing another. It is necessary when people are attacking other people because their culture says differently. It is necessary when the leaders of the nation support them. It is necessary when the law doesn't take serious action. It is necessary when the press is being censored. It is necessary when nobody speaks out against it.
Think about it.

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