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Being a common fact that most of the people across the globe don’t know its full form, there are two even more equally unknown facts about this franchise which will blow up one’s mind. Firstly KFC was originally established as “Sanders Court and Café” in 1930 and was later founded its first franchise in the year 1952 under the banner “Kentucky Fried Chicken”. Secondly this multi-millionaire fast food franchise was once a roadside eatery during the time of “Great Depression” and was run by one Colonel Harland Sanders. As his work flourished he came up with an idea of expansion and simultaneously formulated a secret recipe comprising of 11 different herbs and spices. This is famously known as the Original Hander Recipe which till date remains in secrecy. The constituents of the recipe represent a notable trade secret. Other than food on an occasional basis they provide with kfc coupons and kfc special deals which indirectly satisfies the good old saying “The more additional the more convivial”.

Get Large Popcorn at just Rs.130 on orders above Rs.400

Get Large Popcorn at just Rs.130 on orders above Rs.400. Make use of the given coupon code during checkout to avail the offer. Check out the landing page and make your order now. Offer valid limited time. Hurry!!

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KFC Triple Treat: Get 14Pc Chicken @ Rs.499

KFC Triple Treat: Get 14Pc Chicken @ Rs.499. Save 40% on your online orders from KFC. No coupon code is required to apply. 

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Flat 15% OFF on orders of Rs.450 and above

Get Flat 15% OFF on orders of Rs.450 and above from KFC. Make use of the given promo code during checkout to grab this offer. Hurry!! Make your order now before the deal lasts. Offer valid limited time. 

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Super Sixes : 6Pc Hot & Crispy + 6Pc Boneless Strip + 6 PC Hot Wings at Rs.499

KFC introduces Super Sixes offer. Get 6Pc Hot & Crispy + 6Pc Boneless Strip + 6 PC Hot Wings at just Rs.499. No coupon code is required to avail this offer. Not applicable at Gurgaon and Airport Stores. Hurry!! Order now. 

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KFC 50% OFF Promo Codes & Coupons

Upto 20% OFF on orders over Rs. 3,500 and above

Upto 20% OFF on orders over Rs. 3,500 and above. Make use of the given promo code during checkout to avail this offer. Offer valid limited time. Hurry!! Check out the landing page and make your order now.

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KFC Wednesday Offer - Get 12 Boneless pieces at just Rs.300

KFC is introducing a stunning deal on Boneless Chicken Pieces. Get 12 pieces on Wednesday at just Rs.300. No code is required to grab this discount. Terms and conditions apply. Here you can save 37% on your orders. 

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Get 10 pc of Hot & Crispy Chicken on Wednesdays at just Rs.350

Get 10 pc of Hot & Crispy Chicken on Wednesdays at just Rs.350. Offer valid limited time in Dine-in, Take Away, Delivery and online ordering. Offer is not valid in Airport stores and medicity store. No promo code is required to avail this discount. Hurry! Order now.

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Get 2pcs Hot & Crispy/Fiery Grilled at just 99/-

Get 2pcs Hot & Crispy/Fiery Grilled at just 99/- from KFC. Offer valid on purchase of any Burger, Chizza or 5-in-1 Box in all stores except the ones owned by Devyani International Ltd (DIL). No code is required to avail this offer. Offer NOT valid across all Airport Stores & Medicity Gurgaon. Terms and conditions apply. Order now. 

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It’s Finger Licking Good
Despite of being generalized as a chicken eatery it's way more than what its sounds like. Basically its fried chicken, but the real question that’s pops up is what makes it’s a standalone food. The answer lies in its first name “Kentucky”. The word Kentucky is the code word for “A Secret 11 Herb till date undisclosed recipe”, and this secrecy is what that has kept this company intact. Now in a restaurant business it’s the taste that first counts, then comes the services, hospitality and cleanliness.

When talking about taste, KFC has been predominantly ruling it out with their burgers. Despite of selling their appetite quenching fried chicken. KFC advanced the white meat in the eatery industry, differentiating the business sector by testing the setup strength of the ground sirloin sandwich. By marking himself as "Colonel Sanders", Harland turned into an unmistakable figurine of Western Fast Food Chain, and his picture remains broadly utilized as a part of KFC promoting.

With the beginning of mid-1990s, KFC has extended the menu comprising of several forms of the white meat, like fried chicken stuffed burger served with greens including lettuce and certain sides like French fries and coleslaw, treats, and cold drinks that are predominantly supplied under the charge of PepsiCo. All the above items are either served individually or can be eaten together under a certain kfc offer combo box.

KFC’s central item comprises of pressure fried chicken and with on bone chicken chunks flavored with the but obvious secret 11 herb recipe of Colonel Sanders. The dishes are generalized and are served as two or three individual item, or in a bucket comprising combo for family consisting of several chunks of the white meat, basically belonging of a minimum of six to a maximum of sixteen pieces of chicken. The KFC poultry is allocated to a sum total of nine types of cuts which includes a couple of drumsticks, a keel, with two thighs and two wings and a two piece divided breast based on backbone. The wheat flour is mixed and thoroughly marinated for about a couple to a quadruple minute and then later be hand breaded by the cooks of several KFC outlets.

The chicken is fried for somewhere around seven to a max point of ten minutes in a preheated oil of max hundred and eighty five degrees of temperature. Tailing this, the item is left to remain for 5 minutes with the goal it should adequately lose heat before it is put in the warming stove. The KFC’s approach is to dispose of chicken in the event that it has not been sold inside a hour and a half, keeping in mind the end goal to guarantee freshness. Fricasseeing oil shifts territorially and adaptations utilized incorporate palm oil, soya bean and sunflower.

A portion of the snacks thing includes Popcorn Chicken, delicate, succulent bits of roasting and crumbly Chicken with amazing sprinkle that one can eat constantly. Boneless Strips 3 pieces, delicate, fresh and delicious boneless portions of Chicken. Under the banner of kfc offer today one can enjoy all sort of crunchy chicken altogether in the form of certain combo.

While the fundamental course things have a few burger things like Chicken Rockin' Burger which is a moist, firm chicken strips, finished with fiery, rich 3 pepper along with additional mayonnaise and cool lettuce, and served in a delicate soft bun. Then there is OMG Burger which is fundamentally a stove prepared omelet with onions and ringer peppers; loaded with liquid cheddar, jalapeños, with a topping of chillies and paprika and finished with a firm Golden hash-chestnut - encased in a delicate bun with mayonnaise and flavor on top of it.

Certain new expansion incorporates a remarkable twofold layered Paneer patty with a hot velvety sauce, secured with crisp lettuce in a delicate corn bun known as "Paneer Zinger". Now as it is a new item kfc often comes with certain kfc promo coupon in order to promote their new product.

Then there is Cheesy Crunch Burger which is a combination of two firm brilliant potato hash browns, with jalapenos and a tri pepper cedar sauce, velvety island sauce, new lettuce and crunchy onions – all encased and composed within a delicate warm bun, with some additional chillies and red paprika. One can reduce the burger’s price using the kfc coupon code on certain occasions.

The main chicken things comprises of a hot and firm chicken whose point of interest cooking strategy has been talked about before other than this there is Marinated and prepared chicken with a mix of herbs and flavors, and after that flame broiled to flawlessness known as Fiery Grilled.

There are several rice items which are served along with variety of side chicken meals which consist of popcorn chicken and fiery grilled.

The beverage item comprise of the lemony and minty virgin mojito and various cool shakes with Alphonso Mango, chocolate and strawberry flavors on their boards.

Combos and weekly offers
Despite the tastes the pricing of these items is often too exorbitant. Thus cannot be eaten on a daily basis by any normal working class people. In order to solve this issue there are several kfc offers and there are several others who provide kfc coupons which one can use as sort of Sodexo Pass in order to reduce the generated bill amount. Other than this there are several kfc special deals rolling over the menu chart all week.

The KFC franchise has a pretty major influence in India. There are several kfc voucher codes and kfc discount codes which come under kfc coupon India. KFC India is quite frequent in presenting several offers on a weekly basis which come under kfc offers today. This consist of several wide varieties of combos based on a particular day with certain additional kfc coupon code and kfc promo code applied to it, which eventually reduces the bill by a substantial amount. As a rough example the kfc offer on Wednesday comprises of a 12 piece Hot and crispy bucket free with every 12 piece bucket you buy. Similarly the offers vary, like the kfc offer of Monday comprises of a Chicken Zinger free with every chicken zinger meal. While for a kfc offer on Saturday will have a Popcorn chicken Large free with a Rice Bowl meal. These all combos and offers come under kfc coupons india and the content of a certain combo may differ from country to country.

KFC offers free chicken comprises of getting a bucket free for every bucket you buy just like the Wednesday offer but with the slightly different scenario. The offer might just be valid if it’s a home delivery and additional perks one will get if he possesses a kfc delivery coupon.

Shop with Amulyam
In the event that you are in a dream that internet shopping is costly, then you are incorrect. KFC is the king of chicken eatery that provides tasty fried chicken at pocket benevolent rates. It gives colossal rebates and several sorts of kfc coupons and kfc promo codes with a motive to fulfill your desire to crunch a chicken, pop some popcorn chicken, munch a burger and pour in some fruity drinks. One can also browse through various discount codes as well as kfc coupon codes or promo codes here.

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