Help - Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
1) Why should I join Amulyam?
Amulyam gifts you prepaid mobile recharge and movie tickets for free for completing the offers on it's sponsor's websites.Registering on amulyam allows you to complete the offers and get free mobile recharge and movie tickets.
2) How do I join Amulyam?
Visit the "Sign Up Now" page on Amulyam website to register. During registration process, you specify your email address,mobile and choose a password. Amulyam will then send an email to the address that you are registering and verification code will be SMS'ed to the provided mobile number. The email sent to the provided email address contains a link which you must click after receiving this email. When you click the link,you will be asked to provide the SMS verification code and personal details to finish the registration.
3) How do I change my password?
After logged in with your existing mobile number and password, click on change password link provided at the top of the page.
4) What happens if I forget my password?
Click on "Forgot Password" & enter your email address. Instructions to change password will be sent to the email address provided by you.
5) What happens if I lost my mobile or change my mobile number?
Send us an email at
6) Can I unsubscribe or cancel my registered account?
Yes. You can do so by un-subscribing to our service. Every mail we send you contains a link at the bottom which instructs you how to un-subscribe.
7) How do I send my feedback to Amulyam?
Send us an email at
8) Can I have multiple accounts on amulyam?
An individual can have only one account on amulyam. Amulyam predicts multiple accounts and disables all accounts by the same individual. Balance left in your account at the time of disabling your account will be cancelled and not be given to the user in any form.
1) What is amulyam wallet?
Amulyam wallet resembles physical wallet in virtual form.When you complete the offers, money will be credited in it and you can use the credited money to get free mobile recharge and movie tickets.
2) How much time does it take to fill money in my wallet after completing the offer?
It varies from offer to offer and is clearly articulated at the the details section of the advertisement page.
3) How do I know when money is credited in my wallet?
Amulyam sends you an email and SMS confirming your money credits and alternatively, you can check 'my wallet ' section of the amulyam website.
4) How do I know when money is debited from my wallet?
You will be sent an email and you can check debit transactions in 'my wallet' section of amulyam.
5) Can I claim cash or check of my wallet balance?
No. Wallet balance can be used only to get prepaid recharge or movie tickets.
6) Can I see the transaction history of my wallet?
Yes.'My Wallet' section of amulyam provides you all the transaction history.

Free Mobile Recharge
1) Free recharge is supported for what mobile operators?
Currently, any mobile number from any indian states,of these operators are supported: airtel, idea, tata indicom, reliance(CDMA), aircel, LOOP, BSNL, Virgin, Vodafone.
2) How much time is required to recharge my mobile number?
Recharge is done instantly and you will get a confirmation SMS.
3) What if I try to recharge my post paid mobile number?
We don't recharge postpaid mobile number.Trying to recharge postpaid mobile numbers will deduct money from your amulyam wallet and we are not responsible for that.

Live Free Recharges

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